Airstream Storage Solutions: Toys

Airstream Storage Solutions: Toys

TOYS! Let’s talk to toys. Here are my Airstream storage solutions for toys…

How to Organize Toys in an Airstream or RV

The 2 main questions that ran through my mind when we first started this journey (in regards to the toys) were what to bring and how to organize them? I of course was also concerned that going from a TON of toys to a few toys would be traumatic, but let me just tell you it wasn’t.

When you bring toys in an RV or Airstream (like our Runaway Mayzie) it can be easy to overwhelm the space. We don’t have a bunk room, we can’t remove a couch to make toy storage (although we did remove a couch for a renovation with a washer and dryer.) We basically had to work with what we were given. I started by checking out other people’s blogs and found Take That Exit’s blog post on their bunk area to be very helpful. Our kids are a little younger than their’s so a few things are different for us.

3 Bins Fit Under the Back Bunk in the Airstream

First lets talk about storage:  We also used 3 bins under the bed like Take That Exit. We found ours at Walmart for CHEAP. They are the Mainstays Collapsible bins that are 12.5 by 12.5 by 15 high. They fit perfectly; the front door under the bottom bunk is curved so it curves around the third bin.

Under the Back Bunk in the Airstream
Back Airstream Bunk

Books: Oh the books! I sell Usborne and More Children’s books so we have a lot of books on board. We literally read 2-3 books per night and 1-2 before naptime. We have our favorites but it is always nice to be able to switch it up and read something different. We use the two cubbies in the bottom bunk to stack and store the books. It doesn’t stay organized all that well but because our kids are only 4 and 2 I didn’t want access to toys at night. If they aren’t ready to sleep when we tuck them in they can access a book.

Bunk Bookshelves

What is in the bins?

For toys that are excellent in the Airstream we have…

  1. Legos! One giant bin is full of Lego’s. Our kids are only 4 and 2 with a baby on the way so they are Duplo Lego’s. As I am sure you know they take up more space because they are bigger. We did send out wooden train to storage in exchange for a lego train set, because the legos can be used to build other things as well.
  2. “Princess Bin” This bin really has a metal tea set, some rubber Princess Dolls and then dress up goodies. We have a doctor outfit, a fireman, a mermaid, several princess outfits and shoes/jewelry. A random item that ended up living in this bin is a bag of a animal toys (we like the molded animals and so do the kids.)
  3. Car Bin: This bin contains a zillion cars. If your child isn’t car-obsessed like mine you can use this for other goodies. We prefer the metal, match-box style cars. We have cars from the movie Cars, trucks and now 3 large car carrier/horse-trailer and truck vehicles. (Our RV neighbor just gave the kids a giant Hess truck.)

Our main goal here was to bring toys that sparked the imagine, didn’t require batteries and could be used in multiple ways. The Lego’s are great because they can build anything. Dress-up was super important because Isla and Graham both like playing dress-up and inventing different play scenarios.

Games & Art and Crafts:

We also have several family games and an arts & crafts drawer in the newly renovated area. We bagged puzzles in ziplock bags to make them smaller, only kept our favorite coloring books and sticker books. We have Playdoh and finger paints, felt projects, matching games. Here is what that drawer looks like:

Drawer with art supplies and games

Stuffed Animals: 

Stuffed things live in the kids beds. We try to limit them to a reasonable number but sometimes it gets out of control. We generally don’t like our children being suffocated with stuffing at night, even though they love it! We have a pop-up bin in Isla’s bunk, because the bed is so big to hold her extra lovies and we have a fabric zipper bean bag to hold Graham’s extra stuffed toys in his bed.

A pop-up bin of stuffed animals in the bottom bunk
Store stuffed animals in a bean bag chair cover.

Outdoor Toys:

We have a pop-up tent, a tunnel, sand toys, balls, bikes and scooters. They almost all live in the front storage area except for the bikes, which live in the truck bed or on the back of the Airstream. These are great to have when you end up in a place an extra day or two or if you just want down-time at “home.”

The most random toy we now have is a ukulele… What is your most random toy?

Our Ukulele in the Airstream

Overall, we are pleased with the amount of toys the Airstream holds. Our kids have missed a few toys we either got rid of or put in storage but those have been referenced by name and most of them found. For example, Graham really wanted his play shark. We had accidentally packed him up when we went from South Carolina  to start our journey cross-country. He has been rescued now and basically lives in our shower.

Flying Cloud 30 foot Bunk


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