Meet Us

Meet the Murrell’s. Mom (Caitlen), Dad (Tyler), Graham (3), Isla (1) and the dogs (Chloe and Carter.) In January 2016 they sold their house in Bradenton, Florida and most of their things to start the adventure of a lifetime. Now, they are traveling the USA in their Expedition. Cloth diapering their youngest along the way.

Caitlen & Tyler are high school sweethearts. They fell in love at ages 14 & 15, married at ages 21 & 22 and welcomed their first child, Graham 3 years later. Isla came 2 years after that. Both home births made selling the house all that more difficult. Chloe, the Miniature Schnauzer joined the family in 2008 as a puppy and Carter, also a Min. Schnauzer, in 2010, a rescue.

After years of joking about selling it all and traveling they decided to go for it! Caitlen used to be a Wedding Planner with her own business and Tyler used to be a Commercial Real Estate Agent… now, they are Family Travel Bloggers! Check YouTube¬†on Sunday’s for Vlog updates and come right back here every Wednesday for a blog post!