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Dinosaur World Review

Dinosaur World

I have spent my whole life living in Florida, until we started this journey last year, and have driven past Dinosaur World countless times. As a kid I was never really into Dinosaurs so, when we drove by on I-4 headed to Disney World, I never really cared to stop. Now, we have a 4 year old Dino-nut who always comments on the giant sculpted T-Rex alongside the interstate. So, last Saturday, we decided to go and check it out. I have to admit I didn’t really know what to expect. We ended up having a great day, and if I lived close we would go more often.

I wouldn’t expect to learn any amazing information about dinosaurs, unless you take the tour (which we missed because of timing), but it was a lot of fun to walk around the paths and read the little snippets of dinosaur information they provided. We knew most of it, because it is in our other dinosaur books. Some of the signage is iffy at best, like one of the signs listed 5 different reasons that a horn-like protrusion on the front of the dinosaur’s head might have existed (more of a general critique of the science of paleontology). When, you list that many reasons you basically could write, “we don’t know why…” They have 2 playground areas, a gem mining activity, and a fossil dig. The kids really enjoyed the fossil dig and gem mining: you get to keep your gems and 3 of the fossil’s you find during the dig.

Dinosaur World- Fossil Dig

One major thing to be aware of is that there is no real food available for purchase at Dinosaur World. They have a Pringles vending machine and there is a company that will deliver pizza to you, but otherwise it is best to bring a lunch. The other thing to keep in mind is that the attraction is mostly outdoors so I wouldn’t recommend it for a rainy or particularly hot day (although much of it is shaded.)

Dinosaur World- Gem Mining

We spent 2.5 hours there, but could have easily spent more time if we had brought lunch. No one wanted pizza so we went to Cracker Barrel a few exits away and then called it a day. It is a fun way to kill some time for young children and you might learn something! Even if you don’t, you can see some really fun and funny dinosaur sculptures.

Dinosaur World Playground

Dinosaur World Ticket Prices

Another bonus: friendly dogs are welcome!!!

HEADS UP: The Carnivore Boardwalk features some graphic dinos…

Entrance to Carnivore Boardwalk
Dinosaur World- Carnivore Boardwalk
Dinosaur World- Carnivore Boardwalk

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