Balance Bikes. Skip the training wheels.

We bought our toddler a balance bike when he was 2 and by 3.5 he was a pro on it. It took time for him to get the hang of it. We would leave it out for easy access and encourage him to try it every so often. One day he just became interested in it and started scooting around the block. For Christmas 2016 we purchased a pedal bike. It was a long search because we needed a 14 inch bike. They of course all come with training wheels, which we wanted to skip.

Training wheels help kids learn to pedal but pedaling isn’t the hard part— balancing is. So when you start with a balance bike the child learns to balance before they learn to pedal. It gives them the confidence to glide along with their balance bike; going up and down hills. The pedaling will come quickly afterwards.

The proof is in the pudding. After only THREE (that is right 3) tries on his new pedal bike Graham can ride! He is just over 4 and does a great job riding his “big boy bike.” The key is to make sure you get the correct height bike for the child. We ordered a 14 inch and I am so glad we did because anything bigger would have been tough for him. He did fall a few times but the key was to get him up and encourage him to keep trying, we did have him wear knee pads and elbow pads at first.

I can not say enough positives about the balance bike to pedal bike experience. I will not be using training wheels for any future children. The freedom that comes with riding a bike is amazing for children.



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